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Register your mobile number with local Reverse 911 services to help keep your family safe during and after natural disasters such as: wildfire, flood, severe weather; and emergencies such as: chemical spill, gas leak, active shooter, terrorism, police action and more.

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How Reverse 911 Works

You’ll always know what to do when an emergency or natural disaster occurs in your neighborhood by as much as 20 minutes before TV news or social media gets wind of it.

What is Reverse 911?

When natural disasters, community emergencies, or industrial accidents such as wildfire, flood, severe weather, chemical spill, or police action occur, local emergency responders send alerts through various emergency notification systems. Reverse 911 is the most effective and can target all residents in a community down to a single address.

Why Register?

Wireless Emergency Alert systems can broadcast messages to unregistered mobile devices but have limited range and message length because they rely on recipients being inside affected areas. However, Reverse 911 can send more precise warnings and instructions no matter where you are if your mobile number and physical address are registered with local Emergency Responders.

Don't Miss Alerts

Do you rely on TV, radio, social media or word-of-mouth for emergency information? By the time you receive instructions that apply to your area it could be too late. Register your mobile number and physical address with a local Reverse 911 system so you won’t miss critical notifications that only affect you. Reverse 911 alerts can be sent as voice, email or text up to 20 minutes before other sources.

Fast ZIP Code Search

SafetyInformed is the only National U.S. search service that makes it easy find your local Reverse 911 system. All you need is the ZIP code where you live and within minutes you’ll have every cell phone in your family registered whether it’s a clamshell or the latest smartphone absolutely free.

Save Your Searches

When you become a member your searches are saved for easy updating if your address or phone number changes. Plus, you can also register your mobile number to receive alerts for other areas of concern anywhere in the U.S. such as: school, work, babysitter's address, aging parents' home, etc.

Using Reverse 911

After registering with your local Reverse 911 system, our free step-by-step emergency basics materials will help you set up an emergency plan so every member of your family will be prepared if an evacuation or shelter-in-place is required in the event of a natural disaster or community emergency.

Help Us Make Your Community Safe

Less than 10% of the U.S. population has registered a mobile device with Reverse 911.
This serious shortfall reduces the effectiveness of Emergency Notification Systems.
Our goal is to educate as many people as possible about registering with Reverse 911.

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