Have You Read the Emergency Plan Workbook Yet?

free-emergency-planning-workbookSafetyInformed.org has created a free book that contains twenty-four pages of step-by-step guidance and fill-in-the-blank worksheets that help you complete an emergency plan for your entire household. It’s a great for planning together with the entire family and as a homeschool exercise.

It’s freely available for download at the SafetyInformed.org web site. To support SafetyInformed you can also purchase a hardcopy that includes the Kindle version on Amazon.

Why Get Started with an Emergency Plan?

When an emergency or natural disaster affects your home or community, how would you know when to evacuate or avoid affected areas? What should everyone do if there is a fire in your home? What if a storm causes widespread damage and power outages in the community? Do you have a communication plan in case your cell phone network goes down? Do you know where to meet in case your family is physically separated during an emergency?

That’s where making an Emergency Plan for your household comes in. Disasters and domestic emergencies often come swiftly and without warning. Most people don’t think of what to do in the event of a natural disaster or community emergency until it is too late; then they suddenly realize how unprepared they are for the massive changes it can make in their lives. On top of that, local officials can be overwhelmed and emergency response personnel may not be able to reach everyone who needs help right away. Each type of disaster requires clean up and recovery and the period after a disaster is often very difficult for families and can be as devastating as the disaster itself.

The old adage is true “An ounce of prevention (and planning) is worth a pound of cure.” Families that are prepared ahead of time can reduce the fear, confusion and losses that come with disaster. They can be ready to evacuate their homes, know what to expect in public shelters and how to provide basic first aid.

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