Social Media Stranger Danger – Don’t Give Your Address to Strangers

Watch this classic 80’s G.I. Joe PSA on stranger danger. It was used to demonstrate how to handle phone calls from strangers. In today’s world the same advice applies not only to cell phones but to social media as well. Roadblock saves the day by explaining why you shouldn’t give your address out to strangers:

Stranger Danger on Social Media

Children are much more connected to the outside world that ever before. They are also more technically savvy than their parent and can find out through the grape vine how to circumvent most basic forms of parental blocks on cell phones these days. So be sure to discuss with your children what is safe and appropriate activity while using Social Media:

  1. Don’t display the home address in social media profiles, posts and chat rooms.
  2. Don’t post or discuss schedules or locations they frequent.
  3. Don’t friend or follow anyone they haven’t met in person already.
  4. Everything they put online is permanent and call still be found online somewhere else, even if they delete it.
  5. Don’t post anything they wouldn’t what to see on a billboard on the main drag.

These are the basics and there are many more. Check out’s Cyber Safety oline library section, when you login to SafetyInformed University.

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