The SafetyInformed Committment

The key to successfully managing any emergency is being prepared ahead of time but even more critical is being informed that an emergency is headed your way. Whether its a tornado, fire, flood or broken gas line, just having even a few minutes notice can make the difference between life and death. has taken that challenge head on and provides you with the tool you need to freely register with your local Emergency Notification Service. And while ENS varies from community to community, has incorporated into its database the pathway for you to access your local emergency alerts.

But that’s not all that we do. The team at is dedicated to providing you with the tips, tools and information you need to prepare your family for any emergency.

Any emergency? Yes!

While disasters come in many varieties, there are elements of preparedness that apply in all cases. And the beginning of the preparation process is being informed of what you can do to get your family ready. That is the commitment is making to you. We will take you through exactly what you need to do to get your home and your family ready to respond to emergencies before they happen. And what we will share doesn’t involve the purchase of a lot of special equipment and supplies. The majority of what you need to go along with becoming informed you will already find in your home or with a quick trip to the store.

It’s true that planning for survival can entail a great amount of detail and take a lot of time. On the other hand, the greater part of your planning really just involves common sense. Unfortunately, many families haven’t taken the time necessary to think through the preparation process to discover the simple steps they need to take. With just a few minutes each week you can get your home organized and begin the process of preparing everyone to make the quick response necessary to get out of harms way.

And making sure that you have those simple, commonsense steps is’s commitment to you. In the days and weeks ahead we will provide you the opportunity to begin taking those steps through our blog posts and email’s. To take advantage of our more in depth assistance you can easily subscribe to our inexpensive monthly eBook service that has been created to logically take you through all the steps you need to keep your family safe.

If you haven’t completed our free Emergency Alert Registration to get you connected with your local Emergency Network System, all you need to do is click here to freely get connected so you can be connected to their emergency alert system.

If you are already registered to your your local service, your next step is to click here  to learn more about the benefits of becoming a monthly subscriber to our information service.

Staying safe is first and foremost about being informed and that’s our goal for you and your family.

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