Reverse 911 Provides The Most Accurate Alerts For Local Emergencies

In times of emergency there is a vast amount of knowledge available but most of us don’t know how to get the critical information that pertains to us. We listen to the radio, bounce around the TV dial, or comb through social media trying to find out the latest update. Or perhaps we have a land line and we get a general call concerning the emergency from the local authorities or a Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) from our cellular service provider. Unfortunately, WEAs are only used for Presidential Alerts, AMBER Alerts or Extreme Weather Alerts and they are limited, you will only get the WEA if you are within the range of the particular cell towers broadcasting the text message. In addition, those messages are very short and are only designed to get your attention; they don’t give you all the information concerning the emergency.

What you need is detailed information from your local Emergency Notification Service (ENS).

ENS refers to a collection of methods that deliver one-way messages containing the details of an occurring or pending emergency, and one of the best methods is Reverse 911Unlike WEA alerts for a wider area, Reverse 911 calls can be location specific. The calls can be made over landlines, but in many homes today those landlines have been replaced with cell phones. What if that’s the case and your family is at home with no way of being notified unless someone knocks on the door?

There is a better option but most people aren’t aware of it.

That’s why the team here at was created… to put that location-specific information into your hands for free. We have made that possible by giving you free access to our national database of ENS providers. The hard work has been done for you; all you need to do is sign up for our free service and use our search tool to find the ENS provider in your area. Or like many folks you will also want to find the ENS in your parent’s hometown or for your son or daughter who is away at college. You simply register your cell phone number with the ENS provider and associate it with a specific address. It’s just that easy to use SafetyInformed’s free service to set up your own personal alert system.

In the event a Reverse 911 call is made concerning an emergency in any of your registered locations you will immediately receive it. Remember, your cell phone service provider may put out a general WEA alert but it will only concern federal emergencies, not those specific to your location.

Now you can be alerted to notices from any ENS in the country by simply taking a few minutes and registering your cell phone in their system. There is no excuse for not being among the first to be notified in the event of any emergency, from tornados to flooding to wild fires to earthquakes or hurricanes, terrorist attacks, and everything in between. Take a few minutes and check out the video on our home page and let us show you how it works and how easy it is to register. is dedicated to helping you make the critical connections that will provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you will be among the first to know. It’s easy, fast, and free… you just need to invest a few minutes of your time into your family’s safety.

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